Colors and shapes are carefully combined giving life to unique and inimitable creations. In fact, each of the jewels made will never have an exact copy. Our creations are inspired by the archaeological jewel of the Greek, Roman, Lombard, Byzantine period up to the young and modern forms of Art Nouveau. Shortly before the diffusion of this new current, the art nouveau, in fact, we see a woman who loves fashion, tired of mechanization in the production of jewelry that will significantly lower the quality.

In our laboratory, lapis lazuli, corals, turquoises, pearls, sea water, tourmalines, amethyst, tanzanite and peridot are chosen and selected from all existing natural stones, to then realize our creations.

Keeping up with trends and continuous updates allows us to keep up with the right style.

The lab

Stones and precious metals come together with care and attention, leaving nothing to chance.

The jewels

Passion for goldsmith art, archeology and experience come together to give life to something unique and inimitable.

We like to draw inspiration from the 50s and 60s, a period when jewels were essential to determine a woman’s style.

What strikes us most about this period is the passion of women in wearing timeless jewels. In those years no woman would ever leave the house without having matched the right accessory with the dress.

Silver costume jewelery, jewelery with pearls, semi-precious stones, rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants and much more await you for unique and unmistakable gifts.


Oro, Argento e Mirra

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